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Intra School Competition

Intra School Competition provides the opportunity for every pupil in a class to participate in organised, competitive activity within their school environment. When booking, schools can select whether they would like to participate in a particular sport or a multi-skills event.


For a selected sport, the competition will be delivered in a round-robin format. The pupils should have prior practise in the selected sport in order to competently participate in the Intra School Competition. A multi-skills competition is a carousel of activities, each with a different standardised scoring system. To support a multi-skills event, you can provide  leaders in order to score at each station. This is a perfect opportunity for pupils who have successfully completed their Play Leader Training to put their skills into practice.


The sports available are as follows:








Intra School Competitions can be booked using the system below:

Key Stage 1

Multi Skills


6 T's Rapid Fire Cricket

Key Stage 2


6 T's Rapid Fire Cricket